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The Wanderer's Administrator Application

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Author Topic: The Wanderer's Administrator Application  (Read 274 times)
The Wanderer

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« on: October 08, 2011, 01:42:35 am »

bored  Wink

Name: AJ
Username (In-game/forums): The Wanderer
Age: 16
Time Zone: GMT -05:00
Experience: I was a moderator on a server named FrozenAge around a year ago. After obtaining the position of moderator I was later promoted to Administrator.
Proof: I cannot seem to find any images or videos of me being a administrator... I feel this is the only notable service I have ever had since in its prime it had more than 100 people on at once.

Another example of experience I had was being a forum moderator for a prominent 508. The server had 5000 votes on mopar.
Can't find any images again... I could probably get some people to vouch for me if you wished, though.

Write an introduction about yourself.
Hello. My name is AJ and I have been in the RuneScape Private Server scene for approximately 3 years. I play football and my position is center. I have a great sense of humor and love anyone who loves South Park. Wink I can be a grammar nazi at times. Bad grammar and spelling are things that I can not stand. They just drive me crazy. Tongue My favorite color is blue for those of you who are wondering, if any. I play the drums in my free time and am taking band this year for one trimester. I have been teaching myself how to code Java for about 6 months now. I have been trying to learn Java for about 2 years, but trust me, RSPS != Java coding. That is why I have made so much more progress in 1 month than I have in that previous 2 years. I have been modeling for 2 years. No, I do not stand and make sexy poses. Tongue I make 3Dimensional Computer Graphics that can be uploaded into a game. Well, that is me. If you would like to know anything more about me, please just ask and I will be sure to answer (as long as it isn't too personal).

Have you done anything significant for the KaelenScape Community?
I have been helping Kaelen with some coding problems and helping bounce some ideas around. And in the distant future I plan to be a major benefactor as in helping to add this.
Kaelen. Tongue

How long are you able to play for daily? During the weekends maybe 3-4 hours max. During the week it will be much less, around 30mins to an hour.

Why does being a KaelenScape Player Administrator interest you? It interests me in the fact that I see great things for this server. I would love to partake in this server, as the current administration seems bright (unlike the rest of the RSPS community) and aren't complete mongoloids. I am not necessarily interested in the title that will be obtained, but what the title has to offer. With this title you portray the server. People regard administrators as the top dogs of the server and look up to them. A lot of people will judge a server based on how their staff is portrayed and acts. I of course understand all of the obligations and responsibilities that come with this position, and will do my utmost best to make this server maintain a positive outlook.

What will be the most important thing to you while you are a Player Administrator? The most important thing to me would be to keep the server in regulation and resolve any disputes between moderators and players. I would supply a figure-head for others to look at while Kaelen and Robert are offline and give guidance to the moderators for when they are unsure of what to do.

What is commitment to you and how do you apply your definition of commitment to your everyday life? Commitment to me is staying through with something or someone no matter what happens. Football has taught me a great deal about commitment, and how you must be committed to the program or activity. I feel that anything is possible, as long as you stay committed to it.

Are you a "team player"? Why? Yes, I believe that you can do greater things when you combine your efforts into one. Also, every sport that I know of requires a team to function. The only exception I can think of is tennis, although I have never played tennis in an actual game before. You cannot expect that you are the sole benefactor to the team. Everyone who opts to take part in the activity or sport is a benefactor to the team.

What does authority and chain of command mean to you and are you capable of being involved in one successfully? I believe they are essential in any group or organization. Without order and chain of command, nothing can be done. The military is a prime example of this. The military is well ordered and has a chain of command that one must follow. They are very efficient and reputable. A community has to be the same way whether it be a RuneScape Private Server community or a real life community. Each one has someone who has to regulate lawbreakers and enforce the laws. These would be the moderators. You would also need someone who would manage the people that regulate lawbreakers, and for someone for those people to look to for advice. These would be the administrators. Now, these guidelines that I have stated obviously do not restrict an administrator to one area. An administrator is just as capable as dealing with lawbreakers as moderators, but that is not his job. Does this mean he shouldn't punish a lawbreaker when he sees one? No, it means he should.

Explain some of your accomplishments and what they mean to you? A major accomplishment that I am proud of is receiving rank 1 in my graduating class. I am currently a sophomore and have the best GPA, technically. Really I am tied with 8 other people, but since they order them in reverse alphabetical order, I am ranked 1st. Tongue I am taking Chemistry I Hon this trimester and I believe there are only 2 people that have an A in that class. Hopefully I'll be the only one in that class so there's less people I am tied with. Tongue This means a lot to me as this will help me get a scholarship for college. I am planning on either attending Purdue for 4 years and then MIT for 2 years, or MIT for 6 years. I want to major in Computer Science. Becoming valedictorian for my graduating class isn't necessarily essential for me to go to college, but it sure would help a lot. I would like to have the least amount possible of debt, as I am sure anyone would.

You are in-game and players are harassing you, please explain how you would handle the situation. Personally, I would use the effective ignore list or just manually ignore them. I know others feel that they deserve a mute for disrespecting a staff member, but the thing is, respect is earned not given. I can't expect them to respect me as an individual without knowing who I am first. I also don't really care what they have to say about me, whether it is positive or negative. This being for the same reason as above. I don't value other people's criticism or applause as high as I would if I respected them.

You witness or it has come to your attention that players are breaking major rules on the server, please explain how you would handle the situation. I would first of make it my main priority to investigate into the matter. I would make sure to gather as much evidence as I could so therefore if they tried complaining asking why they received this punishment and such and such, I could just pull out the evidence and there would be no further dispute. Then, depending on the severity of the matter, I would either ban them or IP ban them. For example, if the player was duping and we had not fixed the dupe glitch yet, then I would IP ban him. The reason being that if we had not fixed the glitch is because I believe in 2nd chances. The only thing is, there is only two chances. Wink If you blow both of your chances, then tough luck. Should of thought of that earlier. A good time to ban a player is excessive scamming or bug exploitation without cooperation. I don't think I would have to go in detail about what I mean about scamming. Tongue As far as the bug exploitation without cooperation is, it means that if you have found a bug and have been found repeatedly exploiting this bug, then you have a chance of being banned. Let's say the bug is that you can buy blue partyhats for 1gp and you buy 100 of them. Now I catch you in the act so I would ask for the partyhats back and for you not to exploit this bug until it is fixed. If you would not cooperate and give me the partyhats or if you continued to exploit this bug, then I would ban your character. I believe that would send a message to the user to not exploit bugs.

What commands do you feel you need to be a successful Player Administrator and why?
Name              Explanation                                                                                   Reason
::ban      Ban the user from the server.                                      Self-explanatory
::ipban    Bans the user's IP from the server.                               Self-explanatory
::xteleto  Teleports the user to the user's specified location.          That way you can get to the location of reported rule breakers quick.
::mute    Mutes the user from the server.                                   Self-explanatory
::ipmute  Mutes the user's IP from the server.                             Self-explanatory
::kick      Kicks the user from the server.                                    In-case a user is glitched and needs logged out of the server. To interrupt a player using a bot.
::item     Spawns an item.                                                        If a bug is reported with an item, it is easier to spawn the item than to obtain it.
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KaelenScape Owna!

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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2011, 10:56:04 am »

This is a perfect example of a great application
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